It’s Sizzling!

by Pepper on June 24, 2017

Hi guys: ┬áSummer is fully upon us here in the Pacific Northwest. It’s due to reach 93 degrees here today. I’ll be hiding in my semi-cool office with a fan and a good book this afternoon. And the world will just have to deal with me in shorts. It’s all about comfort, you know?

I’m pleased to report that All Kinds of Naughty is almost ready to go. I’ve spent the last couple of months working on edits. Even though these stories had all been published previously, the wonderful editors at Beachwalk Press have polished them to a patina and they are now perfect and ready for you to fully enjoy. We’re now in the final stages and I’m anxiously awaiting the cover ideas from Fantasia Frog Designs. They always come up with the best covers!

Check back with me for a cover reveal some time soon. Stay cool out there!

~ Pepper
Just the right amount of naughty.

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