Sometimes it Just Flows…

by Pepper on February 13, 2011

Today was a great writing day. I started out with the goal of finishing my novella, Naked Treats. It looked like I needed about 2,000 more words to get that done, though I wasn’t exactly sure of the details of the story’s ending. Well, it happened that the stars aligned, the gods smiled down, my family left me alone for most of the day and I did indeed finish my story. Almost 4,000 words later, Zack and Rose came to a most romantic and satisfactory denouement. I shed a tear or two, if I do say so myself.

Wow, 4,000 words in a day. That’s impressive, especially since I do edit as I go. What’s left to do now is the final spit shine. Just imagine what I could produce if somehow I could write this much every day!

What can I say? It’s kind of a mystery. Sometimes is just flows.

– Pepper

“Let’s read something spicy!”

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