“Real” Romance

by Pepper on March 3, 2011

Today I decided I would write about one of my big bugaboos: hygiene in romance stories. I just want to go on record about a couple of things. Then I’ll shut up about it and you won’t ever hear me mention it again.

Bathing: Historicals that incorporate romps in a hot springs or stops at rivers to bathe every couple of days get my vote. Even a sponge bath, please. Historicals where folks hop in the sack after weeks on the trail do not get my vote, particularly where oral sex is involved. Sometimes I wonder how we all managed to procreate before bathing was routine.

Morning Kisses: How do we do this without gagging? I’m sorry. I love my hubby, but deep kisses first thing in the morning in bed are not conducive to romance. Yet we see that time after time in movies, on TV and in romance books. This does not get my vote.

Yes, I know romances are fantasy. Apparently some folks can just imagine minty fresh breath upon awakening. Not me. Reading about a morning kiss is a sure turn-off. Takes me right out of the story.

What about you? Would love to hear some opinions on this topic.

Now I’ve said my piece. ‘Nuff said.

– Pepper

“Let’s read something spicy!”

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Delilah Hunt March 3, 2011 at 9:38 am

When reading romances I suspend ALOT of beliefs in order to fully enjoy the story. I try not to think about those issues of everyday hygiene, because it will totally ruin the story for me. I don’t want my heroes and heroine going shopping for toilet paper and all that either…


Pepper March 5, 2011 at 7:58 am

Thanks for your comment, Delilah. I know there are opinions different from mine, and it’s always great to hear what they are.

– Pepper
“Let’s read something spicy!”


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