Having Fun So Far

by admin on January 14, 2011

If anyone was paying attention, I announced here a couple of weeks ago that I had made my first sale. (Happy dance!) The story I sold is an 8,500-word erotic piece to be included in Evernight Publishing’s Indecent Encounters anthology, due out the end of February. Last week, most of my prior posts disappeared into the ether, but you can get a look at the wonderful cover art in the post below.

Anyway, since that day, I’ve enjoyed very much being a part of Evernight Publishing. Fairly new to the e-pub game, they seem to be doing everything right as far as I can see. They are particularly supportive of their authors, which I very much appreciate, being a newbie myself. I’ve already been added to their website’s author list, with a link to this blog, and to the Evernight author Facebook group and Yahoo group. It’s a great bunch of women writers, all willing to support and encourage one another.

Last week I got my first round of edits from my editor, (yay! – I love saying those words), Bonnie Brown. She was a joy to work with, and we were able to wrap things up with that first round. (I understand that is fairly unusual). So far, I’m having the best time ever being “published”. As soon as Indecent Encounters is available, you’ll be able to buy it here from Amazon.

I so appreciate your support and interest as I get my writing career off the ground!

– Pepper

“Let’s read something spicy!”

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