What Flavor is Your Hero?

by Pepper on August 22, 2011

I read recently that a poll was taken of romance readers to see what career they preferred their Alpha heroes to have.  The “military” hero won by a landslide. My reaction to this result was one of surprise. Then I had to stop and think: could there be anyone more intrinsically heroic, really, than a soldier or sailor? Okay, maybe a cop or firefighter, but that’s about it. So I had to look closer at my reaction. What was behind my surprise?

Part of it is obvious. A military spouse is often deployed abroad. That makes for a lonely marriage, or means dragging the family from base to base.

The other part of my reaction was harder to look at. When I was a kid I had a friend named Diane whose father beat her — and her mother and sister — on an ongoing basis. Being a bully was second nature to him . He never even questioned his right to be one.  He also needed everyone to know he was a cop — and an ex-Marine. I was terrified of him and wouldn’t go to her house to play if he was home.

Obviously, this experience had a big impact on how I view military men today, though, ironically, I am married to an ex-Army guy. He’s strong but gentle, the perfect blend of Alpha and Beta. Maybe it’s about time I replace that old image in my mind with the one that matches my husband.

Yeah. Military. Could be good.

~ Pepper
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