Anticipation…At the Beach — Part 3

by Pepper on May 18, 2012

Welcome to the third installment of my micro novel. This story is for adults only. By continuing to read, you certify you are at least 18 years of age.

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Ashley let out a long whoosh of air and then chuckled out loud. Talk about pouring cold water on their sexy interlude! Then she shrugged and walked on into the bedroom. It really couldn’t be helped. If she knew Mrs. Silversteel, the old lady would ply Ryan with cookies and milk, and it would be a good half hour till he made it home. He’d no doubt be grumpy and far from in the mood to continue where they’d left off. Such a shame. For a minute there, it had been so damn hot to imagine being at a swanky beach resort with him.

She pulled off her torn blouse and went to the closet to find something else to put on. Suddenly, her eye caught the bright tropical colors of their oversized beach towels, folded in a neat stack on the top shelf. She gasped as the seed of an idea began to take root in her mind. Wriggling out of her jeans and panties, she tossed them aside and opened the bottom drawer of their dresser. There was her favorite lime green bikini, just waiting for a warm summer day by the pool; that day was probably still months away.

Why wait? In less than two minutes she was surveying her bikini-clad reflection in the bedroom mirror. Not bad, considering her tan had faded during the winter and she hadn’t made it to the gym lately.

Grabbing the towels, she went back to the living room. She flicked the switch for the gas fireplace, and watched as the ceramic logs began to flicker and glow. Working quickly, she spread the towels on the sand-colored carpet in front of the fire, then turned to their CD collection. It only took a moment to find the recording she wanted. Soon the sound of ocean waves and the cry of seagulls filled the room. She dialed it down to a subtle background ambiance, as if the sea itself was murmuring just outside their window.

Now she went into the kitchen and began to gather the last things she would need: a cutting board. A block of Ryan’s favorite cheese. Some crackers, a couple of apples and a knife for slicing. Oh, and a bottle of cold white wine, a corkscrew, and two stemmed glasses. She carried the picnic items into the living room and arranged them on the floor near the fire. Then she added a few soft pillows from the couch. Finally, she dimmed the lights and lit several candles, smiling as she noticed the label on the jarred candle she’d just set back on a shelf: Beachwalk.

When she was done, she plopped down on the towels and glanced around the room. Her pulse was racing. Because she’d hurried to get everything ready? Or because she was anticipating the look of surprise on Ryan’s face when he came back through the door?

* * * * *

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~ Pepper
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Kaylie Newell May 18, 2012 at 12:54 pm

Very sexy, Pepper. Love it!


Pepper May 18, 2012 at 2:39 pm

Thanks, Kaylie!


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