Happy Endings

by Pepper on September 26, 2012

First, my apologies to followers. I’ve hardly posted in the past few months. Back in March I “came out” as a cancer patient and talked about “chemo brain” and the fact that I couldn’t seem to write. I was very worried then that my writing abilities might not return, which is a real possibility for folks affected by this malady. Over the months, my WIPs languished, because try as I might, I could not produce any writing of quality.
I completed by chemo treatment in May and then had a few radiation treatments. Finally my body and brain would be allowed to heal. Then, over just these past few weeks, the fogginess began to lift and I’ve been able to write again. It’s been a gradual clearing, and when it began to happen I was so excited! Did I dare to hope that I would fully recover?
The short answer: Yes! Not only are my CT scans showing clearly that there is no longer any cancer in my body, but my mind is sharp again and writing is a joyful experience where words flow with comparative ease. Now that’s a happy ending I can really celebrate.
Over the next few weeks I’ll be ramping up my whole writer’s platform again.You’ll be seeing more blog posts, tweets and Facebook activity. In early October I’ll be participating in Evernight’s Birthday Blog Hop and giving away books. Later in the month check out installments of Positively Holly, a sexy and romantic Christmas story that will appear in a free Beachwalk Press anthology for the holidays.
Currently I am working on two IR stories, a novella called Amber’s Fantasy and a short novel called Delsy’s Chance. I’ll be talking more about these stories in coming posts.

Thanks for stopping in today.

~ Pepper
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