More Holiday Kisses

by Pepper on October 29, 2012

Hi Readers! Here is part two (of five) of my short Christmas story, Positively Holly. To catch up with part one, see last week’s post. And don’t forget to visit the other Beachwalk authors who are posting part two this week. Find links to their stories below.

This story contains adult content. By reading further, you certify you are at least 18 years of age.

Positively Holly 

Evan scrolled blindly through several screens on his phone, thankful for the distraction the arrival of the other shoppers had provided. The impact of seeing Holly McNaughton again was still reverberating like a gong through his body. Another few minutes alone with her and he might have asked her out again. And that would have been a disaster.

But God, she sure looked great. She had pulled all that honey-colored hair of hers into a ponytail, making her big green eyes stand out even more. And the cold air had brought spots of high color to her cheekbones. Her lithe body—even bound up in the bulky coat—transmitted as usual an energetic, healthy sexuality that had him by the balls in no time.

He glanced at his watch. It was now one minute after eight. When was Renner’s going to get him off this damn sidewalk and into the damn store?

As if by magic, the bright lights of theToyPalaceall sprang to life and an efficient-looking young man in a red vest appeared behind the glass with a ring of keys. The doors slid apart, and both he and Holly rushed through at the same time, their shoulders brushing.

“Excuse me,” they said to each other. Then Holly ducked and went around him to left, disappearing down a wide aisle full of wagons and bikes. And Evan pushed on toward the computer game section, fighting back an odd sense of loss.

Ten minutes later he was heading for the only open checkout stand with his coveted purchase held securely in his hand. And arriving just in front of him, clutching a slim pink box, was Holly. She was breathing heavily and her cheeks were even more flushed than before, as if she’d just put those athletic shoes to good use. She glanced around and saw him and a wide smile broke over her beautiful face.

“I scored!” She held up the box. “How did you do?”

“Me too.” He really couldn’t help smiling back. No sense in being rude. As he walked up behind her he caught her scent, just a faint whiff of that spicy perfume she sometimes wore that drove him crazy. Unaware of her effect on him, she babbled happily on.

“The girls both get their Christmas wishes. That’s great! I’m sure Ashley will be on the phone to Nikki first thing Christmas morning.”

He cleared his throat. “I’m afraid Nikki won’t be with me Christmas morning. It’s her mother’s year for that. We’ll be having our little celebration Christmas Eve before I take her over to Katherine’s.”

“Oh.” She looked uncomfortable. Being a widow, Holly didn’t have to deal with the awkward vagaries of shared custody.

Their daughters had struck up a fast friendship the summer before at Pioneer Girl day camp. It had only been natural for Nikki’s dad and Ashley’s mom to eventually end up spending time together too. Before anyone had realized what was happening, a kind of pseudo family had formed, featuring some very memorable Sunday breakfasts in bed.

Evan shuffled uneasily, wishing the woman ahead of Holly would hurry and write her check and let them all get the hell out of there. The shimmering tendrils of Holly’s gold ponytail swung free and enticing, just inches in front of him. He had distinct memories of burying his face in that hair, of kissing the sweet, pink seashells of her ears. He remembered her girlish giggles, and the inspiring way she used her pretty mouth on his—

He sighed. Oh yeah, the sex had been good. Smokin’ hot, actually. But it had all happened way too fast for Evan, who was still stinging from the unexpected divorce the year before. He didn’t trust something that felt so natural, so easy. There had to be a catch somewhere. He had broken it off before either of them had the chance to get emotionally involved.

An additional four months hadn’t changed his mind about that. The last thing he needed was to get sucked into some kind of romantic trap again.

Ahead of him, Holly was sliding her debit card through the card reader. She took her receipt from the cashier and turned to leave.

“Wanna grab a quick cup of coffee?” he heard himself say.

* * * *

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