Even More Holiday Kisses

by Pepper on November 4, 2012

Hi Readers! Here is part three (of five) of my short, sexy Christmas story, Positively Holly. You might want to go back and read parts one and two in my prior two posts.  This story will be included in a free Beachwalk Press anthology called Holiday Kisses, which will be available the last week of November. Today, don’t forget to visit the other Beachwalk authors who are posting their part three this week. Find links to their stories below.

Warning: This story contains adult content. By reading further, you certify you are at least 18 years of age.

Positively Holly

The coffee shop near the toy store was surprisingly quiet for the Saturday before Christmas. They found a table in the corner.

“Sit down,” Evan said. “I’ll get our drinks. You still doing low fat lattes?”

He remembered! Holly felt a pleasurable rush of warmth as she nodded at him and took her seat at the table. She set her package with Evan’s on an empty chair, then leaned her chin on her hands and watched as he ordered their drinks. The barista was a cute young thing who practically twinkled as she ground Evan’s beans and steamed his milk. Holly smiled to herself. It had always been that way when she and Evan went out; women everywhere responded to his sexy good looks with open flirting, making her feel invisible at times.

She should have taken that as a sign. Instead she’d lost her heart to him in only a few short weeks. Silly woman, she chided herself. As usual, she had expected things to work out just the way she envisioned they would. That was before Evan had made it clear he wasn’t at all ready for anything serious between them.

Still, a cup of coffee together wouldn’t hurt anything. Right?

Right, her treacherous pussy whispered back, dampening her panties.

He came toward the table then, with his big hands full of their steaming cups, and slid into the chair opposite her. The expression on his face was closed up again, as if he was already regretting his impulsive invitation. Holly felt a moment of something like panic. What she wouldn’t give to be more sophisticated and less emotional, to be less open to pain, so that the dour turn of his mouth didn’t mean anything, and it really wouldn’t matter when he didn’t call her again after today. She latched on to the safest subject she could think of.

“How’s Nikki doing in school this year? Does she like Miss Abner?”

“Loves her.” His face lightened a little and he took a quick sip of his coffee. “Math is still a problem for her. Who knew they’d be doing pre-algebra in the second grade?”

“Tell me about it. It’s awful. I sure wish Pete were still alive. He was a math whiz.”

“Was he?” Another sip of coffee. Evan’s dark gaze focused over her shoulder and then flicked away. Clearly he was not interested in the attributes of her late husband. What in God’s name had possessed her to mention Pete anyway? Still, she pressed on.

“I, on the other hand, am all about reading and science. Ashley and I are already working on her project for next month’s science fair.”

“Don’t tell me. A baking soda and vinegar volcano complete with little broccoli trees?”

“How did you guess?”

“I’ve heard all about it from Nikki.”

“Oh. Of course.” The girls shared everything. “How come I haven’t heard what you and Nikki are doing?”

“We haven’t decided yet. I’ve been staying late at work a lot of nights recently, and Nikki has had to spend more time at her mom’s. Katherine isn’t exactly the science fair type.”

He shrugged it off, and the next thing she knew Holly found herself volunteering to help Evan’s little girl with her project. As a kindergarten teacher, she was free as a bird until after New Years and this kind of thing was right up her alley.

“Ashley and I have the next two weeks off from school,” she said. “We’d love Nikki to spend a day or two with us if your ex wouldn’t mind. Between the three of us, I’m sure we could come up with a great idea for the science fair.”

“I couldn’t ask you to do that. You must have all kinds of holiday preparations still in the works.”

“Nope. Except for hosting Christmas dinner next week, Patty Purse was the last thing. Thankfully, Ashley is spending this weekend with my folks, so I could make this early morning run undetected. But she’ll be home tomorrow afternoon. You want to bring Nikki over for dinner? Have her bring her sleeping bag and pillow and we’ll make a night of it. The girls will love it.”

He was staring at her now over the rim of his cup. She met his gaze, and it was like suddenly looking down from the top seat of a Ferris wheel. Her insides swooped and dove as their eyes held.

Finally he spoke, setting his cup on the table. “I’d forgotten how enthusiastic you always are. Don’t you ever get tired of taking things on with such good humor?”

Holly blinked. Where had that grumpy comment come from? Her tummy stabilized as she felt a distinct prickle of annoyance. “Well, I—”

“You’re the cheeriest person I know.” Why did he make that sound like an accusation?

“So? Why not be positive? What does it hurt?”

“What about when things don’t work out the way you plan? Then what? The higher your hopes, the harder the fall.” Looking as though he had just coined some timeless philosophical truth, he leaned back in his chair with a satisfied little smile on his face.

Thank God he’d broken things off between them when he had, Holly thought. Yes, she knew his divorce had been a nasty one, and his legal practice wasn’t as profitable as it had been the year before, but he had his health, his good looks, and a sweet little girl. Weren’t those things to be grateful for? Instead the man was gloom and doom personified.

They would never be a good fit for each other.

“I have rarely found that to be true.” Feeling stiff and uncomfortable, she reached for her shopping bag. “You know, I really need to get on with my errands. Thanks for the coffee, Evan. You can drop Nikki off tomorrow any time after four.”

Ignoring the stunned look on his face, she stood up and headed for the door.

Outside the coffee shop, the early sun had begun to warm the air. Holly pushed the image of Evan’s face from her mind. She felt her spirits lift as she focused on the lush green garlands and red bows adorning a nearby lamp post. How she loved the holiday season!

For just a moment she thought she heard a faint voice call, “Wait!” Then she decided it was her imagination and walked on to her car.

* * * *

Thanks for reading today! ~ Pepper

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