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by Pepper on November 11, 2012

Hello Readers, and welcome to part 4 of Positively Holly. First, a reminder that this short story will appear in its entirety in Holiday Kisses, an anthology of short Christmas romances by Beachwalk Press authors. The book will be available to download FREE the end of November, just in time for your holiday reading enjoyment. Be sure to stop by next Monday for the final installment of my story. And do visit the blogs listed below to see what great stories other Beachwalk authors have to offer you this week.

Warning: This story contains explicit adult material. By continuing to read, you certify that you are at least 18 years of age.

Positively Holly

He hadn’t meant it offensively. Really, he hadn’t. It was just that she was so damned Pollyanna-ish. To hear her tell it, a benevolent universe was always cheering one on, always on the verge of dishing up everything one could wish for, and then some. It would be fantastic if that were true, but practical everyday experience had shown him otherwise. A man had to deal in realities, didn’t he? Not some New Agey wishful thinking.

Still, as he stood on her front porch with his finger poised over the doorbell, he felt a deep longing for something like the sweet, naiveté of her convictions. If only it were so!

He pressed the button. Obviously, she hadn’t looked in her shopping bag, because she had a completely confused expression on her face when she opened the door.

“Hi.” He suddenly felt tongue-tied. The t-shirt she wore was thin, and she wasn’t wearing a bra. God! Her nipples were like sweet dark beacons beneath the sheer fabric. How could he have forgotten how perfect her breasts were?

Dragging his eyes north, he held out his bag and opened it. “We must have switched packages,” he said. She leaned forward and peered in

“Oh. Right. How could I not have noticed?” She palmed her forehead.

“I think you might have been a little upset with me when you left Starbucks.”

“Hmm. Maybe just a little.” She gave him an embarrassed smile. “Come in and I’ll get your bag.”

He followed her into her tidy entry hall. Like her front door, it was festooned with pine boughs and twinkling LEDs. Off to the right, the boughs looped around the newel post and coiled around the railing that led upstairs.

A sudden memory flashed through his mind. Last summer, the two of them, already half undressed, heading up those stairs. The pull of her hand, strong and sure in his. The way she’d laughed, the rich warm sound twining around him like those boughs. And everything that had come after that, up there in her big soft bed…

“Here it is,” she said, coming from the direction of the kitchen, holding out a plastic bag identical to the one he still held.

They made the swap, and Evan took a step backward toward the door, even as he acknowledged the clear fact that he didn’t want to leave just yet. The memory of sex with her still stirred in him. And there was a homey scent of cinnamon in the air too, and a beautifully decorated Christmas tree in the next room. He hadn’t had time to get a tree yet and his apartment was rather dreary. And of course there was the peek-a-boo t-shirt. Almost before he knew what he was doing, he reached out and pulled her into his arms.

She gasped. And then she melted, her body coming up snug against his, just the way he remembered. Their lips met, and she parted hers in an unmistakable invitation. A surge of heat ran rampant through his veins. He deepened the kiss, using his lips and tongue to show her how much he’d missed her. She gave a soft little whimper and clutched his shoulders. He pulled away.

“God, I’ve missed you!”

Had he really just said that out loud?

“Me too.” Her eyes were shining up at him like sea-colored gems, her beautiful rosy mouth still open slightly. “Want to take your coat off?”

That was all it took. He lifted her as if she weighed nothing at all. She giggled and put her arms around his neck as he started up the stairs. On the landing, he saw that her bedroom door was standing open. Inside, the wide bed waited, still unmade. He headed that way and laid her down on the rumpled sheets. She lay there watching silently as he shrugged out of his coat and tossed it on a chair. Then he pulled his shirt out of his jeans, kicked off his shoes, and slithered onto the bed beside her.

“Hi,” she said as he laid his head on the unused pillow only inches from her face. From here, he could see the tiny striations of gold in her irises, the pale freckles that spattered the bridge of her nose

“Hi.” He felt a wide grin splitting his face. “Come here.”

His arm went around her, pulling her closer. Her breath washed across his cheek as she gave a happy sigh, and then he closed his eyes and kissed her again. This time their kiss was slow and searching. Beneath his, her lips went completely soft, allowing him full access to her succulent mouth. After a moment her tongue danced back toward his, curling and thrusting, welcoming him home. At the same time her breasts pushed against his chest and a series of small, eager sounds rose from her throat. The sounds had a profound effect on his body, hardening his cock to an almost painful state.

* * * *

Thanks for reading today! ~ Pepper

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