Beyond Words

by Pepper on December 14, 2012

All day I have been reading updates to the news story coming out of Connecticut. A young man the same age as my son has taken his own life and the lives of 26 others in what appears to be a senseless act. I continue to read the updates because I hope to understand why this happened. I want to know who this young man was. I want to know about the ┬ámonstrous pain inside that made him act in this rageful way. Surely he must have carried some kind of horrendous and dark emotional wound, because happy people just don’t kill other people.

Like most of you, I am filled with immense  sadness for the families of those who died and for the children who survived but had to go through the terror of those moments. But I am also very sad for the shooter. His despair must have been beyond all bounds in order for him to act out in such a way.

Let us reach out now. Not just to our children and families, whom we hold closer tonight in gratitude. But to strangers as well. Our smile or small kindness may make a critical difference to someone in despair, and perhaps keep them from falling into that dark, dark place.

Let us count our blessings and say prayers for everyone.

~ Pepper

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