One of My Favorites: Kristan Higgins

by Pepper on February 26, 2013

The Best Man CoverI think pretty much all authors are attracted to writing because they first loved to read. Today that’s what I’m talking about: the bliss of reading a wonderful book. One of my very favorite authors, Kristan Higgins, has a new contemporary romance out today, The Best Man. I’ve been waiting for this one for months, and ordered it for my Kindle several weeks ago. The last couple of days I’ve been turning on my Kindle every few hours and checking to see if maybe Amazon took pity on me and released the book a smidge early. But no. They made me wait. It came out this morning right on schedule. And here I am at work, with bookkeeping stuff I should be doing and lots of pesky distractions. Not the ideal environment for getting lost in a wonderful story.

But I do have my Kindle with me, and I do plan to tough it out and start reading here, because frankly, I cannot wait a moment longer.

Once I get home, it’s a different story. I have a favorite reading chair. It’s in my bedroom, where it’s nice and quiet. There’s a heater for a my feet and a table with a lamp for perfect lighting. I’ll throw a quick salad together for supper, then I’ll hide out all evening and just read. My family will be put on notice not to expect anything from me. I’ll be venturing far and away in the world that Kristan so expertly creates for her readers, and I may not be back until tomorrow morning. I may even read straight through the night. That’s how all-encompassing the reading experience can be when I’m reading a favorite author.

I hope I’ve managed to create that rarified time and space for my own readers, but today I’m all yours, Kristan. And thank you!

~ Pepper
“Let’s read something spicy!” 

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