Saturday Spice: Master of Mine

by Pepper on March 16, 2013

Hi there Readers! Happy Saturday and thanks for stopping in today. Where I am in the Pacific Northwest, we are having a typical drizzly Spring day — and Spring isn’t even officially here yet. I hope the weather is better where you are.
Last month I celebrated the beginning of my third year as a published romance writer. Back in the beginning, I did some experimenting with sub-genres. In May of 2011, I had a story published in Evernight Publishing’s hot BDSM anthology, Master of Mine. That’s right –  BDSM. Who knew? Though it’s not my first choice of writing interests, I think my story was pretty good. Here’s a sexy little snippet from Lady Blake’s Tales for the Queen, in which the young girl Arrabelle will be thoroughly instructed in the art of submission.

WARNING: This post contains adult content. By reading further you certify that you are at least eighteen years of age. 

Master of Mine cover.jpgWhile Arrabelle waited, naked in the chair, I rang the bell cord four times. In a moment the chamber door opened and Thurman entered.
Thurman was a huge man, as broad as an elm across the chest and shoulders, with long black braids and a handsome face. His lean good looks had always reminded me of a wolf. His face and arms bore the old scars of battle, but the flare of his nostrils and the flash of his gold eyes could make any woman’s pulse race. He crossed the room and stood next to Arrabelle’s chair. The contrast between her lovely white skin and his bronzed muscles was quite picturesque.
He bowed low to me and waited. Arrabelle looked as if she might faint away at any moment. His tight leather chaps and open vest, his musky male scent, were wonderfully intimidating.
“Thurman, this is Arrabelle. She has just turned eighteen. She tells me she believes that the sting of a man’s hand on her naked bottom might be pleasant.”
“Oh no!” the girl cried, her face aflame. “Not pleasant. I never said that.”
“Didn’t you? We shall see,” I told her. “Thurman, dress her in the satin robe. The blue one.” I knew the ethereal color would compliment her white skin, and the silky fabric would slide seductively up her long legs.
Thurman retrieved the blue robe from a cupboard on the far wall and brought it to her. She stood and faced away, and allowed him to place the robe around her shoulders. Then, her small hands shaking, she tied the sash at her waist. But the robe was cunningly designed for the top to remain open. Her naked breasts thrust forward most wantonly, no matter how much she tugged on the fabric to try to cover them. An expression of abject distress marred her perfect features as she realized the futility of attempting to hide her charms.
“Thurman, please proceed with the instruction.”
He gave me a second bow and then turned to Arrabelle.
“Lean forward, Miss, and place your hands palms-down on the arms of the chair.” She hesitated, indecision stamped on her face. Her frightened gaze flew from his grim visage to the bolted door and back again. There was clearly no escape, so after a moment she did as he told her, her breath coming in ragged little snatches. He took a pair of soft leather cuffs from his belt and affixed one to each wrist. Then he flipped up the metal loops that were built into the arms of the chair, and attached the cuffs.
Now Arrabelle was firmly secured to the heavy chair in a standing position, bent forward at the waist with her backside to me, her body draped in blue silk. Thurman knew the routine as well as I did, so I decided to simply observe as he took over. As she waited, trembling, a single whimper escaped those ripe lips.
“Proceed,” I told him.

* * * * *

Okay. I think we’ll stop right there for now. If that piqued your curiosity, and you’d like to read the whole story, plus eight other BDSM stories by talented Evernight Publishing authors, you can buy the book on Amazon right here or on Barnes and Noble here. It’s available both in e-book and print editions.

Thanks for reading, friends. See you next Saturday!

~ Pepper
“Let’s read something spicy!”


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Crystal Hansen March 17, 2013 at 9:10 pm

OMG! This is so hot. I had no idea you wrote a BDSM story. Will download Master of Mine immediately and go hop in bed with my Kindle. Thanks!


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