Saturday Spice: Paradise Encounter

by Pepper on April 20, 2013

Hello Friends! Today’s Saturday Spice excerpt comes from my current WIP, Paradise Encounter. This short interracial romance story involves two people who’ve had a friendly, working relationship by phone for a year, and finally get a chance to meet. I’m hoping to self-publish Paradise Encounter by late spring. Here’s a sneak peek at Andy and Maya:

Her thoughts returned to Andy, and not for the first time, she tried to imagine what he might look like. She was certain from his voice that he was Caucasian. Probably—like most white people who lived in this rainy part of the country—he’d be fair skinned and pasty after a long, wet winter. And bookish, no doubt, considering all he knew about horticulture. Over the months, a mental picture of a short, pale guy with pinched features and thick glasses had formed in her mind. The picture seemed to fit the nick name she’d given him, and she imagined him that way whenever they talked: her phone buddy, Handy Andy.

            She hadn’t been able to find a page for him on Facebook. The Oregon Paradise nursery website didn’t show photos of their employees either. 

            Well, her curiosity was about to be satisfied.

            Ahead of her she spotted the sign for the large commercial nursery. As Andy had instructed her, she turned left and went around the block to the truck entrance. All she could see of the place were high concrete walls with tree foliage peeking over. Then, as if by magic, there was a big wooden gate rolling open and a tall man with dark hair and big shoulders waving her into a parking spot. It was just like Andy to be super thoughtful and have someone come out to greet her, she thought as she pulled into the spot and cut the engine.

            She sat for a second in the cab, gathering the pair of work gloves she’d remembered to bring and stowing her purse under the seat for safe keeping. Too bad she’s chosen to wear sandals with three-inch heels today, but what else would a girl pair with a sundress the last week of June? This morning when she’d put on her clothes, she’d had no idea she would be tromping around the back lot of an urban jungle. 

She was just reaching for the door handle when the door seemed to open by itself. A warm little breeze swooped in. She turned, startled, and there was the dark-haired man, standing with his big hand extended. The truck cab was a few feet off the ground, so they were just about eye-to-eye. His were a dark grey-blue, and they were regarding her with an air of frank familiarity that could only mean one thing.

This had to be Andy.

Lord. Have. Mercy!

* * * * *

I just love surprises, don’t you? Maya decided she likes them too.

Thanks for joining me today. Oh, and don’t forget that my first novella, Naked Treats, is on sale all month at all outlets for just 99 cents!

“Let’s read something spicy!”


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Amy Lamont April 24, 2013 at 10:38 am

Can’t wait to read more of Andy and Maya’s story!


Pepper April 24, 2013 at 11:53 am

Thanks, Amy! I’m writing as fast as I can. 🙂


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