Saturday Spice: Paradise Encounter

by Pepper on May 4, 2013

Hi Readers! You know, I am so close to finishing Paradise Encounter, I can taste it. The first draft is done and I’m halfway through editing it. Then it goes to my fantastic critique partners (hi girls!) before a final tweaking. After that, I’ll be learning all about how self-publishing works. Should be quite the experience. Anyway, I’m hoping to have this baby up on Amazon in the next month or so. Meanwhile, here’s a sexy little snippet that I hope will keep you intrigued.

Warning:  The following post contains adult content. By reading further you certify that you are at least 18 years of age.

“I want you, Maya. Now.” He set her back on her feet and lifted her dress. It came off over her head like a pastel cloud, leaving her in lacy little panties and bra. As his fingers skimmed over her butter-soft skin and the wisp of panties, he crushed her mouth again in a devouring kiss. She responded by flicking her clever tongue along the seam of his mouth and then thrusting it inside. His mouth welcomed her as her hands worked at his jeans, pulling them partway down his hips.

Almost without realizing, he was on his knees in the plush carpet, shucking his jeans the rest of the way off and kicking them into a dark corner.

“Wait!” She pulled away.

He watched as she went to the bedroom door and clicked the lock into place, her lush body softly lit by the hint of afternoon sun seeping through the drapes. She was even more beautiful than he had imagined, her barely-covered breasts swaying gently, her skin like polished copper satin. He could hardly believe she was about to be his. His to hold and touch. To kiss. His to make love to.

For a moment she disappeared into a nearby doorway and then she was back with a big fluffy towel. She grinned as she spread the towel on the carpet. “Lucky for us they already staged the bathroom. We wouldn’t want to mess up this white carpet.”

There was that soft giggle again. The sound drove him mad with want. It hit him then that they were conspirators. In the tradition of all secret trysts, the stealth factor was definitely ramping up his desire for her. And he could tell from the adventurous glint in her eyes that she felt the same. He didn’t want to think about the question that suddenly bobbed like a cork to the top of his mind: was this all about the thrill of the forbidden? The chance they might be caught? Was having sex in almost-public-places how Maya got her kicks?

God, he hoped not. He so wanted this joining to mean more than a hot, quick fuck. But here she was, finally standing before him with nothing but a couple of scraps of fabric between them. No way was he going to stop now and try to analyze what her motives might be.

Still on his knees before her, he pulled her to him and pressed his face against the tiny silk triangle that hid her sex. She gasped.

He looked up and smiled. “Tell me what you like, Maya.”

* * * * *

Whew! Fan me down, people. I do enjoy that scene. Maya and Andy have some pretty potent chemistry. I hope you enjoyed that little taste and that you’ll join me again next Saturday for another bit of  Spice.

— Pepper
“Let’s read something spicy!”

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Amy Lamont May 4, 2013 at 9:06 pm

Can’t wait to get my hands on Paradise Encounters!


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