Saturday Spice: Paradise Encounter

by Pepper on June 15, 2013

PE Cover-GreenHey there, friends. It’s Saturday again. Ready for a bit of spice? You may have heard I have a new sexy little novelette just released this week on Amazon, called Paradise Encounter. It features two people — Maya and Andy — who have worked together by phone but never met in person. Since this is an erotic romance, I think we can assume that the chemistry is definitely going to be there, once they get together. But what about the complications that come with business associates having personal relationships? You’ll just have to read it to find out.
Here’s the buy link on Amazon. And the following is a snippet that I hope will entice you to spend just 99 cents on Paradise Encounter.

* * * * *

Andy turned away and walked the few feet to where the flatbed cart with the bags of mulch waited. He lifted the top bag and repositioned it, pretending to realign the stack. He really just needed a few seconds away from the brilliant glow of Maya’s physical presence. Needed to get his heart back into a normal rhythm and his breathing less erratic. He chuckled to himself. Facebook should come with a warning on those album pages: “Subjects are several times hotter than they appear.”

And there was no way he could have been prepared for the way she smelled either, all warm and sweet, wrapped around exotic notes of floral and spice. Like honeysuckle and roses might smell if they bloomed along the Nile River. The little blue dress she wore only hinted at cleavage, but he was pretty sure that was where the enchanting scent was coming from. He could imagine burying his nose in that heavenly valley and taking his last breath. Talk about dying a happy man.

 “Everything okay, Andy?”

Realizing he’d been standing motionless for some time, he sucked in fresh oxygen, filling his lungs. Come on, fool. All this stalling wasn’t getting the mulch loaded onto her truck. That was the main mission today, after all, to get Maya’s order completed and out to the job site on time. He turned and pushed the cart over to the pickup.

“Everything’s great,” he said. “This will only take a few minutes to load.”

She sent him back a smile that would have blinded a lesser man.

One by one, he strong-armed the slippery plastic bags onto the bed of the truck and then pushed the cart off to the side. Then he lugged the first arborvitae over to the truck. He felt her eyes follow him the whole time. Had it suddenly gotten twenty degrees warmer on the back lot? Perspiration prickled down the center of his back and under his arms.

“Is there anything I should be doing?” she asked, holding up a small pair of work gloves. “I came prepared.”

“Not a thing, Maya. You just stand right there and pretty up the place.”

God help him! Now he was spouting lines from a bad 50s Western!

As the corny words tumbled unchecked from his mouth, he allowed his eyes to flick over her from top to bottom. She was leaning with her hip against the wheel well of the truck, her gorgeous legs crossed at the ankles. So much smooth brown skin. And what sexy little feet peeked at him from those ridiculous, impractical sandals.  “You’re not exactly dressed for it, after all.”

She laughed. “I told you that on the phone, remember? I guess I’ll just have to leave all the dirty stuff up to you.” 

* * * * *

Ah, there’s nothing like a little double entendre to get the point across. Hope you enjoyed the sample.
Be sure and join me here on Tuesday the 18th when my friend Ashlynn Monroe will be here, talking about her brand new super hero romance Reality Hero. Don’t miss it! Meanwhile, have a great weekend.

“Let’s read something spicy!”

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Tara Mills June 15, 2013 at 4:32 pm

That was great! Loved it.


Pepper June 15, 2013 at 7:10 pm

Well thanks, Tara. Glad you enjoyed.


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