Saturday Spice: Amber’s Fantasy

by Pepper on August 16, 2013

AmbersFantasyDark_Medium-200x300Hey, friends. In case anyone missed the announcement, I have a new Interracial sizzler coming from Beachwalk Press this November. (Woot!) Amber’s Fantasy is the story of a somewhat prim business woman who has always had a secret fantasy – to make love with two men at once. She never expects to actually act out her fantasy, until her collection of menage romance books is discovered by a sexy co-worker. He’s intrigued by her reading material, to put it mildly. As they get to know each other, her fantasy begins to involve him specifically. In today’s Saturday Spice, Amber is enjoying a bubble bath….and having some naughty thoughts about Ray Ferris and his cousin, Cal.


She lay still in the warm water, savoring the smell of the gardenia-scented bubbles that tickled her chin. Her body felt so relaxed, tired muscles unknotting. She let out a long sigh. And almost immediately her head filled again with the images of sexy Ray Ferris and his handsome cousin.

In this fantasy scenario, as usual, they were shirtless, their tanned chests broad and hard and their jeans riding low on lean hips. Cal circled and came up behind her, pressing the length of his hard, warm body up against her backside just as Ray closed in from the front. Once again she felt those bold hands roam over her hips and up her ribcage, peeling away her jacket, making short work of the buttons on her blouse. From behind, Cal nuzzled her neck, his breath hot and ragged against her skin as he helped Ray strip away her clothes. She shuddered when his fingers grazed her spine as he unhooked her bra. The bra slipped down and her naked breasts thrust forward into Ray’s waiting hands, aching to be played with again. In her mind, she watched through lowered lids as he began to fondle her flesh, his lighter colored fingers a sexy contrast to the mocha tones of her own skin.

“You’re beautiful, baby.” With expert care he pinched and rolled her swollen nipples into hard nubs of incredible sensation as his warm mouth hovered close to hers.

Lord help her! She’d never felt anything so delicious.

She moaned, offering her lips, but he didn’t kiss her immediately. His lips only brushed against hers lightly, tantalizing and teasing her, making her wet between the thighs as she waited helplessly for him to take her mouth. At the same time, from behind, Cal’s hands stroked up her bare arms and then grasped her at the elbows, holding her firmly in place. A soft whimper escaped her as she realized she was effectively imprisoned between the two half-naked men, completely at their mercy. She’d never been so turned on in her life!

Totally lost in the building heat of her erotic fantasy, Amber’s fingers moved down her slick body, swirling the warm water over her taut breasts and then splaying open on her tummy, seeking, seeking…

* * * * *

Okay, readers, reel your own fantasies in. That’s all for today. I hope that whet your appetite for more. I’ll keep you informed about the release date. I’ll be doing a blog tour during November, with Amazon gift cards and free copies of Amber’s Fantasy for a couple of lucky readers. Stay tuned, and thanks so much for joining me today.

~ Pepper
“Let’s read something spicy!”

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Pamela Prentice August 16, 2013 at 4:03 pm

Oh my! I’m loving this peek into your heroine’s head. Can’t wait for the book!


Pepper Anthony August 16, 2013 at 4:04 pm

Thanks, Pamela. I did have fun imagining what Amber was imagining. *Wink*


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