Welcome Larisa Anderson

by Pepper on November 20, 2013

Hey people! I’m so happy to welcome fellow Beachwalk Press author, Larisa Anderson. Her new ebook, Taming the Hunted, released this past Monday along with my own book. Just feast your eyes on that gorgeous cover! I know you’ll want to check out her blurb and excerpt. Warning, it is hot!:

Being a Hunter is Marian’s life. She is happy having no social life, no boyfriend and no worries. When a hunt goes wrong she wakes up in a werewolves house. Can she escape with her life and her heart?

Marian admired how gentle this large man could be. His very nature as a wolf screamed aggression and activity. She felt as if she could just rest with him though, let her guard down for once. As if she could gaze into those eyes on a long night and not hide her silver blade under the pillow.

“Come on, we should get some cold water on that. If you stay closer to me, I’ll make sure you don’t get hurt again.”

If you insist, she thought. He released her waist and led her, more slowly this time, down the cliff. He smiled at her, his teeth white in the darkness as he looked over his shoulder. Silver flashing showed her when he was watching her, his eyes reflecting the pale moonlight. An interesting bulge rubbed against her leg as he pulled her closer to him when the path narrowed. She pressed her hips to his, all thoughts of self-preservation gone in her injured daze. He turned and stopped, bringing his lips down to hers in a quick, rough rush, his breath hot against her mouth as his tongue parted her lips. She felt a flutter of dizziness sweep through her, which had nothing to do with her injury. The suddenness of his movements caught her off guard. She couldn’t get enough of his luscious, sweet mouth. His hands came up to hold her face gently, but with authority. His mouth worked to ease her anxiety and open her mind to allow much more lustrous sensations to flood her pulsing pussy. A faint rustle in the trees to their left made them both turn, the moment broken as she felt his muscles tense under her hands.

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