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by Pepper on December 11, 2014

Cuff Me Cover - 3-GimpHi everybody!. The holiday season is now in full swing.  I hope you’re all enjoying the busyness and bustle that comes along with this time of year. Personally, I love it, even when there is too much to get done. I still have the majority of my shopping to finish, though I do have a pretty complete list I am working from. And I still have one box to ship out of town, which means standing in line at the post office. Ugh. How about you? Are you ready for the big day?

Cuff Me for Christmas is selling pretty well, and I’m pleased that my readers have enjoyed it enough to give me some enthusiastic 5-star reviews. Thanks, guys. It is indeed a juicy little morsel of holiday story goodness.  In case you haven’t scooped it up yet, remember it’s only 99 cents. And here’s a little excerpt for those who’d like a taste.


He stuck his head into the small bedroom. The bedside lamp glowed from the nightstand, showing Nessa curled up on the bed with her back to the door. Her shoulders shook with quiet sobs. Dammit!


She went stiff. “What are you still doing here? Get out!” She didn’t turn to look at him.

Taking his life in his hands, he stepped into the room. “I came to apologize for what I just said. It was uncalled for.”

Moments ticked by.

“Nessa? Come on, baby. I’m sorry.”

Finally she answered. “Okay.”

She sounded so small and alone that his heart squeezed in empathy. Next thing he knew, he found himself standing at the edge of the bed, looking down at her profile in the dim room. Slowly she turned her head and looked up at him. The lamplight fell across one half of her face, leaving the other half in shadow. Fresh trails of tears wet her cheeks. Her lips were swollen, damp, imminently kissable.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered again.

She nodded, her lashes dark and spiky. Their eyes met and held. He sank to the bed beside her, his hand coming to rest on her upper arm. She wore a sweater, so it wasn’t like he was touching her skin, yet a thrill of recognition telegraphed through his entire body. This is Nessa! He knew the sweet curve of that arm, the muscle, the bone. He knew the way her shoulder dipped into her graceful neck, how her upper chest eased away into two perfect, round breasts, topped with milk chocolate nipples. He knew her ribs, her flat little belly, the fragrant folds of her pussy. He stroked her arm gently, remembering all of her.

Amazingly, she didn’t stop him. She licked her lips, watching him.

“It’s only you,” she finally said.

“What is?”

“You’re the only one I wanted to…” She looked away.

“What? Tie you up?”

She nodded, still not meeting his eyes. Her reluctant admission made his cock pulse and harden even more. How sexy was it to know that only he inspired her submissive tendencies?

* * * * * * * * * *

Are you warm yet? LOL. If that little snippet has inspired you to read the rest of Franco and  Vanessa’s story, here’s the Amazon link to buy it right now.

Happy holidays, everyone!

~ Pepper
“Just the right amount of naughty.”

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