In a review from July 2011, Interracial and Multicultural Books gives Macy’s Awakening 4 stars. Here’s a quote:

I delighted in the development of Ms. Anthony’s characters, settings, rising actions, intimacies and how the emotional conflicts were handled. Macy’s Awakening is just that, an awakening on several levels and a beautiful love story. I am happy to have had the pleasure of experiencing Ms. Pepper Anthony’s work and look forward to reading more of her books.

Here’s what some of my readers are saying about Macy’s Awakening:

*Skillfully crafted, well edited and easy to follow; Ms Anthony clearly has the writing chops to pull off an engaging story. 

*I won this book in a contest and could NOT put it down! The character’s are so well developed and the story is one you want to follow page after page. Pepper Anthony is amazingly talented and I can’t wait to get her next book!!!

*I loved this book. It has substance and the story was so real, the characters came to life for me. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It is a book I will go and read again and again… Pepper Anthony writes extremely well and there we no errors or confusion in the story. Brilliantly written!

*I really enjoyed this book. Macy is a mature 19 year old who’s wrongly accused of grand larceny. Jerrod, her father’s former frat brother, agrees to take her case, and act as her guardian during the wait for her trial. Their’s is a surprisingly sweet and saucy love story that will have you laughing one minute and cringing in embarrassment the next! Don’t pass this one up!

*This was so awesome! I tend to skip through pages if I get bored with novels but I wouldn’t dare with this one! I loved both of the characters from beginning to end, despite a few upsetting moments as the story progressed.

*I absolutely enjoyed reading this book. Macy’s Awakening was very well written and it came together from beginning to end. There were no over the top cliche’. This book was a very refreshing read. I highly recommend it.

*I really enjoyed this novella. The author brings you into a world where you get swept away in a passionate romance. Macy and Jerrod are two characters the reader is going to love. Once I started this story I had to finish it. Each time a chapter ended I had to start the next. This is one any reader could devour in one sitting. I have to mention too, that Ms. Pepper threw in an ending that I wasn’t expecting. A big thumbs up to her for keeping me on my toes! Don’t miss out on this one!

Thanks to my readers for posting reviews. They really do help with sales. 

I’m excited to have received some great reviews for NAKED TREATS. Here’s what THE TBR Pile had to say:

Review at The TBR Pile 

Posted by on 4th Jun 2011

TBR Reviewer: B.H (Brutally Honest)

If I had only two words to describe this novella it would be freaking fantastic. This was so well written, so engaging and I honestly could not put it down! As the story progressed, I was swept away from the fact that this is fiction, words on the screen. I was right there, watching Rose cook nude and waiting anxiously with Zack. This is a novella, 53 pages of erotic gold. Ms. Anthony managed to write excellent in depth characters with that short of space and really give the reader a fantastic erotic adventure. Read this alone for a romantic thrill or with a partner and I guarantee you’ll both be ready for your own erotic meal. 

Be sure to put this on the top of your TBR Pile! 


And Happily Ever After Reviews liked it too:

Happily Ever After Reviews 

Posted by Lia on 7th Jun 2011

Rose Phelps cooks in the nude, and her biggest client, Zack Cranston, would rather eat her then the food she prepares. Full of sexual tension, great characters, and a good subplot, Naked Treats was definitely a treat to this reader. At times, I felt like I was reading a Harlequin novel, as it had a similar style. 

Rose and Zack had great chemistry and I loved the way they lusted after each other before jumping into bed. By the end of the story, I didn’t need for the author to tell me the characters were in love, because you could sense that through the writing. 

I did feel like the second half of the book was a bit rushed, but it was a great story nonetheless. I really enjoyed it.                  

Now here’s what The Long and Short of it Reviews had to say about THE BIRTHDAY SURPRISE , my story in Indecent Encounters:  

The Birthday Surprise Pepper Anthony 
My favorite story of the bunch. The sex (despite involving three people) isn’t particularly sizzling, and the plot got a bit confusing when they went to the shower (I still can’t figure out who was doing what!). However, despite that, this is the story that sticks in my head, and the story I keep going back to. The concept of being “serviced” by your lawn boy is exciting enough, but add to that the fact it was Melanie’s 40th birthday and the feel-good factor jumps by a factor of 10. If you are ready to take your inner romantic out for a naughty little stroll, this is the story for you! 
























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