The Bad, the Ugly….but Mostly the Good

by Pepper on January 10, 2013

There are a lot of horrible things that happen in the world.  Disease, starvation, torture….. Crazy people shooting little children at school. Thirty years ago we wouldn’t have heard about most of this. Or if we did hear about it, it would have been a headline on the evening news and then most likely would have faded from public prominence.

Now, thanks to the internet, social media and the proliferation of news channels on cable and satellite, we are bombarded not just with headlines, but with all the gory details and heart-rending images to match. Friends, take note: I know there are helpless animals being tortured. I do not want to see pictures of it. I have a photographic memory, and these images leave indelible scars in my mind. I will continue to donate to animal causes; I don’t need the horror show to be reminded to do that. No caring people need the horror show. And the same thing goes for abused children. No pictures please. I will let you know if I ever feel the need to put myself through that.

Sometimes it seems like ALL the news is bad, like evil might really be getting a foothold on our lovely planet. And then I remind myself that I don’t believe that. I believe that well-being is vastly dominant. It’s all about focus. Because of the news media, our focus is often being drawn to what is going wrong, not to the well-being that is always flowing toward and around us. But we have a say in what we look at and listen to and read. We can choose to put our focus on happy stuff, life-affirming stuff. And almost always it is appropriate and healthy to do exactly that.

The other day on Yahoo I learned about Joy Jars, little collections of small toys for kids with cancer, conceived of by a young girl named Jessie Joy Rees who was herself dying of cancer. Yes, it is sad that kids get cancer and that Jessie died, but the good news is that the Joy Jars program has grown and continues after her death, brightening the lives of hundreds of kids receiving treatment.

And then I read about a dog who was rescued from a house fire and resuscitated using an oxygen mask especially designed for canine faces. How cool is that? That someone loved dogs enough to invent and manufacture a gadget just for rescuing them from fires. Awesome.

And finally I read a fascinating article about a young woman who had lost her hands and feet to an infection, and how she received transplanted hands that have miraculously melded with her own body. The grafted nerves and tendons and muscles have been completely accepted and she has re-taught herself to do much more than the doctors ever thought she would.

THIS is the saving grace of the internet and social media, this spreading of well-being, this sharing of GOOD news.  Let’s do more of that! If we are down and need help, it’s okay to ask for it, but let’s not come on Facebook and whine about our symptoms or catalog daily the treatments we are receiving. Let’s take a lesson from little Joy and share instead our strength and our love and our hopes. The Law of Attraction says we create in our lives more of what we focus upon. Let’s attract more good stuff and stop giving so much energy to the yuck.

Thanks for listening to my rant. I am wishing you all an amazing life adventure this New Year!

~ Pepper
“Let’s read something spicy!” 

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Crystal Hansen January 25, 2013 at 4:20 pm

Pepper, I totally agree with you. So much fallout from the school shooting. Yes, I’m sorry for the families and I’m horrified that it happened, but really, do we have to keep hearing about it? Especially when there’s really nothing we can do, personally? We should pass some better gun control laws and move on. And I’m with you. I love the stories with happy endings, like the dogs who find new homes.

By the way, when will you have another book out? I’ve read Macy’s Awakening twice and am anxious for your next story! Hope it’s an IR!


Pepper January 25, 2013 at 5:35 pm

Hi Crystal. Nice to hear from you again! You’re in luck. The story I’m working on — Amber’s Fantasy — is indeed another IR. It started as a 8K short story and has outgrown itself. Check in tomorrow for some “Saturday Spice” – a sample of this WIP. Working full time and having a house full of extra folks living with us has really slowed down my available writing time. But I hope to have this one done and to my publisher in a month or so. Stay tuned! And thanks for writing.
– Pepper


Crystal Hansen January 27, 2013 at 1:20 pm

Woo! Pepper, that sounds hot. IR AND Menage? Let me know when that story comes out!


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