Saturday Spice: First Kiss; Loss of Innocence

by Pepper on February 9, 2013

MacysAwakening_SmallHi guys! Today, we’re taking a look back at my Amazon-best-selling erotic romance, Macy’s Awakening.  I’ve always been a sucker for May-December stories. It’s so hot to read about an innocent young woman being schooled by an older man. Some readers said the age difference between Macy and Jerrod was just too much, (19 and 42), but my grandparents had almost that many years between them, and they were happy together until my grandfather’s death.
Here’s their first kiss, when Jerrod finally begins to give in to his inevitable attraction to the lovely Macy:

He lowered his mouth again, pressing little nips along her jawline, drawing away once more, teasing her with his lips until she put an impatient hand on his thigh. He froze. He glanced down. In the dark, he could barely make out the lighter tones of her skin against the indigo of his jeans. As he began to thrust his tongue inside her warm mouth again, her fingers inched up his thigh and cupped his erection.

He couldn’t stop the groan that rose in his throat, but probably only Macy heard it. Her hand moved shyly over the sensitive bulge, pressing and molding it with her fingers. She squeezed him and put her little tongue into his mouth.

He could tell she hadn’t kissed many guys. The explorations of her fingers and tongue were awkward and experimental. At nineteen, she probably hadn’t been with a lot of men. He wasn’t complaining, only noticing. But then she reached out and grabbed his free hand and brought it to her breast.

He had a brief impression of soft round flesh, topped with a firm protrusion, before he pulled his hand away. He had to. Things were moving way too fast and this was a public place. But God, yes, he did want to hold those sweet breasts of hers in his hands. And more. It was the “and more” that really worried him.

Hope you enjoyed that little snippet. If you’re inspired to read more, you can buy Macy’s Awakening from Amazon here. I’d appreciate it! See you next Saturday for more Spice.

~ Pepper
“Let’s read something spicy!”


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Pam Prentice February 13, 2013 at 10:38 am

I read this book last summer and I really loved it. It reminded me in a way of the books I read in high school. You know, the master of the estate and the innocent governess. LOL. Only Macy and Jerrod were definitely much hotter. Great story.


Pepper February 13, 2013 at 4:52 pm

Oh thanks, Pam. I’m glad you liked Macy’s Awakening. I think you and I must have read the same classics way back when. Jane Eyre perhaps? I did have the biggest crush on Mr. Rochester after I read that book. Thanks for stopping in to comment.
– Pepper


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