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by Pepper on November 24, 2015

CUFFMECHRISTMAS_PA_1600x2400Hi everyone. I almost forgot to share my new cover for Cuff Me For Christmas.  Talina Perkins of Bookin’ It Designs is responsible for all this sexy deliciousness and I’ll no doubt be calling on her for future cover designs.

In case you’ve been in a cave and have missed my Facebook posts, let me just refresh your memory with the Cuff Me official blurb:

It’s been eight long months since Franco and Vanessa called off the wedding, and both are certain there is no way back. Then Vanessa discovers a box of Franco’s mementos in her storeroom, including the handcuffs they had used in their favorite sex games. Finding those cuffs sets off a chain of unexpected events that culminate in Franco’s bed. Passion flares to life as Vanessa is held captive once again by her most primitive desires. Will their torrid encounter extinguish any chance they might have had together? Or will it rekindle the flame of their love?
Cuff Me for Christmas is a short novella (13,000 words) featuring explicit sex play, erotic bondage, and adult language. Enjoy!

Cuff Me is the perfect tasty snack of naughtiness all wrapped up in holiday-feel-good-romance. For 99 cents, how can you go wrong? If you’re ready to learn more, or tuck this one into your favorite e-reader right now, here’s the link to Buy Now on Amazon.

Thanks for stopping by.

~ Pepper
“Just the right amount of naughty.”


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